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About Us

German Shepherd Dog Puppies!

We are a small design studio located in the Southern reaches of Minneapolis /St Paul,  Minnesota.  

 We are passionate about Dogs! Particularly German Shepherd Dogs!  Though we will work with any other Breed of dog and their Owner/Breeder.  We know  how busy the life of a Breeder is. Travelling from Dog show to Dog show preparing the dogs with a bath, nail trim, good brushing and whatever else it takes for the dog to be ready for the show ring. spend more time with your dogs Let us take care of the Website! 

Our Mission is to provide professional web design for the professional Breeder.

We take the time to design so you don't have to!

Purebred German Shepherd Dog.
Charjo's Omaha Beach


We understand the time and work that a breeder puts into her Kennels and dogs.  On the road traveling from show to show, showcasing your beautiful animals, there isn't much time for building and maintaining a web site. So why not leave it to us, someone who understands the demands placed upon you? Let Dancing Dog Web Design do all the work for you!

Pictured above is Charjo's Omaha Beach.

In picture he is 2 years of age. He is a grandson of the Great Nino Von Tronje.

We too, have bred, whelped, and shown German Shepherd Dogs.


 We  know first hand many of the questions a potential lead may have.  Having a well built presence on the Web, will help to convert the lead into a sale for you.  We have  experience building web pages for the public and German Shepherd Dog Breeders.

Put your trust in us to get the job done right!

In addition to  creating your website we can provide 

many other services to inform and drive customers to you. 

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